BFBS Big Salute

ImageOn Wednesday 5th of June, myself, Prarthana (Senior media officer) and Dave (Activities manager) went along to the BFBS HQ in Buckinghamshire to meet with the four other charities that are sponsored by BFBS Big Salute.

The Big Salute is an initiative that raises money for five selected charities: BLESMA, Veterans UK, FAB – Families Activities Break, Blind Veterans UK and Combat Stress. It runs throughout the year with loads of different fundraising events by members of the armed forces community and the public, as well as on-air campaigns by BFBS Television and Radio and an auction. The day consisted of introducing the five charities to new members of the BFBS team and each other, which was especially useful for people like me who recently joined.

On this blog, we will keep you updated with events by the Big Salute that will be helping to raise money for BLESMA and the four other charities.

For more information on the Big Salute and the other charities it supports, go to their webisite:




My name is Bryony and I joined BLESMA on Monday 3rd of June as a Media and Communications intern. I thought that a blog would be a good pet project for someone who is new to both the charity world and the PR world. That means you’ll have to bear with me as I get to grips with the blog, it should look better as I learn how to do things like change the layout and add photos etc!

BLESMA is currently undergoing some important changes to bring it into the forefront of the forces charities that help veterans and their dependents. This includes recent expansions in the fundraising team and PR team in order to spread the word about BLESMA and raise money and awareness of what we do. We are also in the process of giving the website a makeover and making changes to the members’ publication ‘Blesmag’ with a couple of surveys soon to be posted out.

If you would like to make a contribution to the blog, maybe a guest post about any BLESMA activities you have taken part in or any fundraising. Or if you want to send me something to put on it, or if you have any general ideas please e-mail me at Or you can use the form below.

We also have Facebook: and Twitter: @BLESMA.

Our website is but it is currently undergoing a full makeover so please bear with us! Hopefully the new website should be live around mid-June.